AUGUST 30, 2021


After the challenging year and a half, coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, the race team was very excited to be working to bring runners an amazing race in 2021. However, the team regrets to announce that the Four Sisters Ultra aka Ultra Tour Mt. Siguniang race organization has received word from China officials that due to the tragic ultramarathon incident in May that they are forced to cancel the 2021 race and postpone until November 2-6, 2022.  This was a devastating blow to the ultra industry and running community, our hearts and prayers go out to all the families impacted.

The UTMS team has always been an industry leader to enforce strict safety requirements and rules to ensure each event is held safely, however, it is important to step back to review and improve race safety requirements and guidelines going forward.

In addition to internal safety improvements, the China government is developing safety guidelines and requirements for all extreme endurance races to be implemented for all race organizations going forward.  The team anticipates these new requirements to begin rolling out by year's end as races prepare for 2022.

In the meantime, our sister race at Wuyi Trail Race has been confirmed for 2021. A highly recommend race to experience their ultramarathon on the beautiful Wuyi mountains.

The team has a passion for creating the best ultramarathon experience is paralleled by hosting a safe event for everyone and compiling with China's government rules and requirements. Yes, these races are hard, they push you out of your comfort zone, but they are always safe for everyone. We promise you when it’s safe that we will come back stronger than ever to bring you our best mountain race yet.

Thank you for your understanding and support through these challenging times. Be safe, be strong, we look forward to seeing everyone in 2022!


Four Sisters Ultra Team